The Frantoio olive cultivar is one of the best known and widely used varieties for the production of olive oil in Italy, particularly in Tuscany. Here are the main characteristics of the Frantoio olive tree:

Olive tree: The Frantoio olive tree is vigorous and medium in size with a fairly spreading shape.

Leaves: The leaves are medium in size, elliptical in shape and intense green in color.

Fruit: Frantoio olives are appreciated for their oil yield. They have an oval shape and come in colors ranging from green to orange and purple when ripe.

Oil yield: Frantoio olives are known for their good oil yield. The oil produced is of excellent quality, with a fruity taste and a good balance between bitter and spicy.

Olive oil: Frantoio oil is characterized by a fruity flavor with notes of freshly cut grass, almond and a spicy aftertaste. It has a complexity of flavor that makes it ideal for various culinary uses.

Ripening of the olives: The harvest of Frantoio olives usually takes place in November or December, depending on the cultivation area and the desired degree of ripeness.

Versatility in the kitchen: Frantoio oil is appreciated for its versatility in the kitchen. It is suitable for salads, meat and fish dishes and can also be used as a seasoning oil.

"Frantoio flowered"

"The must important olive tree cultivar frantoio"

The Frantoio cultivar is highly regarded for the production of high quality olive oil thanks to the yield and organoleptic characteristics of its oil. It is one of the most popular varieties for the production of EVO oil in Italy and in the world.

“Tuscany’s olive cultivars: Setting the global standard for excellence.”