Meet the Moraiolo, a variety of olives rich in character and tradition. Moraiolo olives are widely cultivated in the picturesque hills of Tuscany, imparting their oil with a robust and fruity flavor. Discover the secrets of this exceptional cultivar and be captivated by its unique character that shines through in the precious olive oil it produces. Explore the world of Moraiolo and savor the Tuscan tradition in every drop.

"Moraiolo flowered"

"Fresh Olive Oil"

Moraiolo is a variety of olives traditionally cultivated in Italy, particularly in the Tuscany region. This cultivar is known for producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil, appreciated for its distinctive flavor and properties. Here are some key characteristics of Moraiolo:

  • Robust Fruity Flavor: Moraiolo oil is known for its robust and fruity flavor with hints of grassy, almond, and spicy notes.
  • Early Harvest: Moraiolo olives are typically harvested relatively early in the season to obtain the freshest and highest quality oil.
  • Disease Resistance: Moraiolo plants are often disease-resistant, making them a popular choice for cultivation.
  • High Oil Yield: Despite their small size, Moraiolo olives contain a significant amount of oil, making them ideal for producing high-quality extra virgin oil.
  • Tuscan Tradition: Moraiolo is strongly associated with the Tuscany region and is often grown in hilly terrain, contributing to the production of premium olive oil.

These characteristics make Moraiolo a popular choice for producers of high-quality olive oil and an important variety in the landscape of Italian olive oil.

“Tuscany’s olive cultivars: Setting the global standard for excellence.”